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Kuhl Confidential

After the insane debut single ‘Uber’, no one expected the ordinary from this UK based production team. ‘The Circus of Outrageous’ does not disappoint.


With tracks that draw in everything from human rights to female impersonators, from the first kiss to the last breath, from film noir to Shakespeare, from the state of the heart to the state of the world, Kuhl’s ‘Circus’ is an intelligent combination of hard and soft beats with thought provoking lyrics. 

Pink Floyd and Depeche Mode meet the Pet Shop Boys and Prince? You may not be far off!


But judge for yourself. 


‘Circus’ has a truly international feel, with tracks in English, Dutch, German, Italian and Kuhlspeak.


‘Space Cake’ features a gentle and nostalgic rap in Dutch, while ‘You, Me, The Stars & Love’ speaks its words of love in Italian.

Kuhl finds their inspiration in the disco of the 1970s and 80s, with the beats of today’s stadium noise permeating the groove. Euro bands such as Army of Lovers, Gravitonas, PSB creep through the undergrowth of sound, with Skrillex, Knife Party and the like informing the cutting edge production.


‘The Circus of Outrageous’ was recorded at the state-of-the-art Kuhl Grammofonica studio in the heart of the English countryside. Kuhl have taken that old prog-rock concept of ‘getting it together in the country’ to a new lo-tech/hi-tech extreme.


Fuelled only with turbo strength coffee, the boys worked long into the night to create the kaleidoscopic journey that has become ‘Circus’.


You might not have heard an album like ‘Circus’ before. 


‘We recorded ‘Circus’ with no pressure, no preconceptions - just an overwhelming passion for music, lyrics and art and the search for something we hadn’t heard before.’ says Cas Greenfield, co-founder of the Kuhl Kollectiv.

‘We were informed by the world around us, our idealism, an all-inclusive acceptance of the global village that we inhabit, and the sights and sounds that a life in music has drenched us in.’


The tracks on the album can be listened to as individual numbers, but listened to in sequence, Circus takes on a life of its own. We have programmed the tracks to flow from one to the next, each track shaping the one that follows and the one that went before. 


Above all, we hope that you will find ‘Circus Of Outrageous’ an experience that will stay with you. 


So, listen! Listen!



The Circus is coming to town!


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