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Kuhl is Klaar

Deep in the night in our makeshift studio just a 999 call away from the M5 going North we put the Kuhl album to bed.

Twelve tracks are in the can awaiting the final tweak.

The question has to be: Is the world ready for Kuhl?

We'd love to play you some of the tracks, but contractual obligations prevent us from sharing very much at this stage...what we can share is the final track list - make of it what you will.

01. Kuhl - Apres Paris

02. Kuhl - Dont Look Down

03. Kuhl - Funky Drag

04. Kuhl - Headrush

05. Kuhl - Heartquake!

06. Kuhl - Kashablankha

07. Kuhl - Pilgrim's Progress

08. Kuhl - Questions & Answers

09. Kuhl - Space Cake

10. Kuhl - Uber

11. Kuhl - You, Me, The Stars & Love

12. Kuhl - Zsa Zsa (for Craig)

We'll be sharing images and sounds as soon as we can...

In the meantime, Keep Kuhl!

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