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Kuhl's Launch Party

Kuhl launched The Circus Of Outrageous with a live concert before an invited audience at the event of the year in Stroud's fabulous 'Space' theatre. Light show, lasers, mist and bubbles and dancing from the first note to the last - it was a glittering affair. Dress code was, of course 'Outrageous' and the guests embraced the theme to the very hilt. The album was played in sequence and in its entirety. With a band of superb musicians including Cas and Mike from Kuhl, augmented by Lar Hughes guitar, Sam Weller drums and Matt Black on bass. The next live forays will be on the festival circuit, so catch Kuhl while you can. The launch party and performance was filmed by a team of four photographers and the resulting footage is now in the editing suite with an hour long documentary in mind. The film will include rehearsal and recording sessions, plus interviews with Cas and Mike filmed over the past eighteen months. Kuhl has now embarked on a crowdfunding campaign with IndieGoGo to further the Kuhl Kollectiv project. Funding begins with as little as One Dollar. Check the link for more information: Kuhl's IndieGoGo Crowdfunding Campaign

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