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Halo of Stars

Kuhl began in 2017 when members David Ireland (aka Casimir Greenfield) and Michael Cooling began to use free studio time between recording David’s solo album (Boy in the Attic) to create a collection of tracks eventually released as The Circus of Outrageous.

Electronic Sounds Magazine printed this review:

‘Cas Greenfield and Michael Cooling, the Bristol-based production duo Kuhl Kollectiv, clearly have no need for a dictionary, but they can’t half pen a synth-powered Europop tune.

Flitting from the louche ‘Space Cake’, which is almost baggy in its laid-backness, to the pure pop of ‘You, Me, The Stars And Love’ and on to the gentle ‘Don’t Look Down’ with its once heard, never forgotten earworm of a chorus, it’s an assured outing. its route one approach might be a bit too direct for some round these parts, but nevertheless, it is and accomplished offering. N.M.’

Skip to 2019 and Kuhl have just completed the writing and recording of a double album, now at the mixing stage and due for a mid 2019 release. The album was recorded in Michael’s mountain-top studio in the Cervennes region of France between May 2018 and 2019.

With dedicated studio time, Kuhl has been able to concentrate entirely on this broad sweep of an album, capturing a cohesive sound that is unique to the band with songs that have thought-provoking lyrics and complex music that has created a soundscape

close to a twenty-two chapter novel with dance beats.

‘Halo of Stars’ has emerged as the potential first single, with a side-step project (not on the album) of a reworking of The Shamen’s ‘Ebenezer Goode’ (with the blessing of The Shamen) as an ecological anthem to saving the bees of the world!

Kuhl are on a creative high - there’s no stopping us now…

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