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Uber, the electro-reggae single from Kuhl is out now! Uber has a joyous abandon about it, a reckless Eurotrash euphoria that should sweep all before it. Kuhl will be touring in the spring of 2016, armed with nothing but a pair of 80s synths and some cool sunglasses. Minimalism is back and it is here to stay. Uber! The title says it all... Following the insane debut single ‘Uber’, no one expected the ordinary from this UK based production team. ‘The Circus of Outrageous’ does not disappoint. With tracks that draw in everything from human rights to female impersonators, from the first kiss to the last breath, from film noir to Shakespeare, ‘Circus’ is an intelligent combination of hard and soft beats with thought provoking lyrics. Tom Waits meets the Pet Shop Boys? You may not be far off! ‘Circus’ is set for a Spring 2016 global release. ‘Circus’ has a truly international feel, with tracks in English, Dutch, German, Italian and Kuhlspeak. ‘Space Cake’ features a gentle and nostalgic rap in Dutch, while ‘You, Me, The Stars & Love’ speaks its words of love in Italian. Kuhl finds their inspiration in the disco of the 1970s and 80s, with the beats of today’s stadium noise permeating the groove. Euro bands such as Army of Lovers, Gravitonas, PSB creep through the undergrowth of sound, with Skrillex, Knife Party and the like informing the cutting edge production. ‘The Circus of Outrageous’ was recorded at Kuhl’s work-in-progress studios on the borders of the M5 just north of historic city Gloucester. Working from a derelict stable block on an ancient farm complex, Kuhl have taken that old prog-rock concept of ‘getting it together in the country’ to a new lo-tech/hi-tech extreme. Fuelled only with turbo strength coffee, the boys worked long into the night to create the kaleidoscopic journey that has become ‘Circus’. The boys are now out on the streets label hunting. ‘Circus’ is an ultra commercial product with a ready-made global market. Kuhl wants to hear from you. For more information about Kuhl, their product and the licensing thereof, just get in touch through A little background noise; Created in Germany, the Kuhl brothers were raised in West Phalia but in 1985 travelled from Baden Baden to Wurzburg and haven't recovered yet. Uber is the first single from the forthcoming album ‘The Circus of Outrageous' Kaz was a veteran of 1980s package tour 'Das Phillips Disco Party' touring with such luminaries as Romeo und Julia, Marko, David S and Duddy Iskander. Mika spent much of the 1990s touring with electro pop bands on Britains infamous burlesque circuit. At last the brothers have teamed up to create their own brand of infectious Teutonic electro-dance.

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